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EurOMA Summer School 2014




The sixth edition of the school will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, between 6th and 11th July 2014 and it will be focused on Supply Chain Sustainability.


The main objectives of the school are:
1. To develop a common knowledge base on Supply Chain Sustainability within the community of PhD students in OM.
2. To help PhD students and junior researchers in defining relevant research topics and understanding the complex and relevant links with other research streams close to the supply chain sustainability topic.
3. To foster the development of a network of young researchers in the field of OM which could become a forum for exchanging ideas and build research collaborations.


The invited Speakers are international recognized experts on the topic: Prof. Joseph Sarkis, Prof. Stefan Seuring, Prof. Govindan Kannan, and Prof. Qinghua Zhu.
During the third day of the workshop there will be some time presentation for students to promote their research and the good papers will be considered for the special issue of the Resources, Conservation and Recycling journal.


For more details visit the Summer School webpage:




Contact Helena Carvalho ( Este endereço de e-mail está protegido contra spam bots, pelo que o JavaScript terá de estar activado para que possa visualizar o endereço de e-mail )  for any query.






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